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Christopher Ambrosio now has paid administrative leave after being arrested for child abuse.

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. – A day after the Jacksonville Beach City Attorney was arrested – accused of molesting a child – a special meeting was held to discuss his future. The city council unanimously voted to put Christopher Ambrosio on paid administrative leave on Thursday evening.

“I think often the only thing that matters is public trust,” stated Chris Hoffman, Mayor of the City of Jacksonville Beach Community. “

Hoffman said communication and transparency will be important during what may be a long process.

The paid administrative leave consumes Ambrosio’s paid time off, vacation and sick leave until he runs out of accrued time on April 21. It costs the city almost $ 21,809.

In the unanimous motion, the city administrator was also asked to draft a resolution to terminate the contract for good cause, according to which the city of Ambrosio must pay his salary at the same time until a 30-day window has expired.

According to a new amendment to the City of Jacksonville Beach charter, there are three steps to cancel for an important reason:

City administrator Mike Staffopoulos will draft a resolution requiring reasons for the termination and convene another special session, at which four out of six city council members must approve. Ambrosio will be notified and a 30 day clock will begin – for which a hearing will be held and the city attorney will have the opportunity to appeal. Before the 30 days are up, another special meeting will be held that will require a majority vote (five out of six city council members) before the city’s attorney can be removed.

Hoffman hopes this process will buy them some time as Ambrosio’s case progresses.

“I think it will be important that we have a really airtight reason for this dismissal,” said the mayor.

Meanwhile, she said gaps in the city’s legal requirements should be closed with a paralegal who has already worked with her and other outside specialists.

Ambrosio’s indictment is scheduled for April 14th.

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– Haley Harrison (@HaleyHarrisonTV) March 25, 2021

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