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Jerry Falwell is suing Liberty College for defaming him on the behest of the Lincoln Mission?

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Jerry Falwell Jr. has been defamed! His previous employers accused him of "lack of spiritual responsibility," which per se, per quod, in essence and in the eyes of God is certainly defamatory. It's all part of a fateful plot by The Lincoln Project to destroy President Trump!

"Vengeance is mine," says the Lord. And Jerry Falwell Jr., who is suing Liberty University for defamation and breach of contract in Lynchburg City Circuit Court.

The problems started in 2012 when Jerry and Becki Falwell vacationed at a fancy Florida resort. They made friends with a handsome 20-year-old lifeguard named Giancarlo Granda, and then Mrs. Falwell made even more friends with him. Whether Mr. Falwell was in the room and watched his wife and Mr. Granda be friendly is a matter of debate. But Mr Granda produced a recording of himself in 2018 where he befriended Ms. Falwell via Facetime while Mr Falwell was watching in addition to several text messages.

The Falwells claim that they were blackmailed by Mr. Granda and that they remained cordial to him after he and Mrs. Falwell stopped being so kind because they feared he would harm them by taking pictures of Mrs. Falwell spread, um, super friendly.

But then Mr. Granda fell into the shameful clutches of the Lincoln Project, an anti-Trump PAC of disaffected Republicans committed to defeating Donald Trump.

"In terms of information and beliefs, (Senior Advisor, Kurt) Bardella and the Lincoln Project advised Granda in order to compromise President Trump's chances of re-election with his defamatory statements," the complaint said.

And how do you know that the publication of Granda's allegations is an attempt to influence the election? Well, “Granda was seen paying for her expenses with a credit card that wasn't his own. According to information and belief, this card belongs to (Aaron) Resnick, “his attorney who introduced him to the Lincoln Project guys. (It's an interesting position for people who have sponsored Mr. Granda himself for years in return for his kind service.)

The subheading of the Reuters article “The Falwell Affair” also reads: “(Granda) says he had sex with Becki Falwell while Jerry Falwell Jr., head of Liberty University and a staunch supporter of President Trump, was watching. “From this, according to the complaint, we must deduce the deliberate intention to harm President Trump at the behest of the Lincoln Project.

But what does this have to do with the university's board of trustees?

After the story broke, the board believed Mr. Granda's "lies" and asked Mr. Falwell to resign. And the next day David Nasser, Senior Vice President of Spiritual Development, addressed Mr. Falwell's resignation in an address to the student body in which he said:

(W) We open the semester with a series of revelations about Jerry Falwell that can only be described as shameful. By the way, that's fine. It's okay to call sin, sin. Paul says in Ephesians. (sic) Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but expose them. It is shameful to mention what a disobedient does in secret. But everything that exposes the light becomes visible.

This is exactly the same as repeating Mr Granda's defamatory allegations and also violates the non-degrading clause of Mr Falwell's employment contract. An article published by the university accusing Mr. Falwell of "lacking spiritual responsibility" and "breaking the trust of most people in Liberty University" and Liberty's commitment to his nearly 50-year mission to train champions for Christ To question ”is similarly defamatory according to this complaint.

Incidentally, Mr. Falwell knows a thing or two about those hypocritical board members and the skeletons in their closets.

Based on information and beliefs, certain key individuals who were directly involved in the decisions and actions to force Mr. Falwell to resign and then defame him fulfilled the long-held goal of ending Mr. Falwell's fruitful thirty-two year relationship with the university. Reportedly, these individuals were acting in the interests of the university in order to distance the university from the alleged indiscretions of Mr. Falwell and had committed, or were known to, various illegal, unlawful, immoral or otherwise dubious acts in their administration of other institutions Public in general would no doubt tarnish Liberty University's reputation through association. It is, therefore, extremely hypocritical for these key figures to view an act by Mr. Falwell as excluding Mr. Falwell from the leadership of liberty, as he has successfully done for many years.


Well, good luck with that!

Enjoy this video that Mr. Falwell, about whom there has never been a hint of scandal or inappropriateness, posted on his own social media account in August before you quickly delete it.

And this photo of him is drinking “black water”, as befits the president of a university that has a strict ban on alcohol consumption.

Oh, you want a sound cloud from him that also blurs the event? Can do.

Discovery will be LIT.

Jerry Falwell Jr. v Liberty University (via Courthouse News)

Elizabeth Dye lives in Baltimore, where she writes on law and politics.

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