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Jones Day in preparation for a foul PR marketing campaign the likes of which they’ve by no means seen earlier than

Oh boy! A lot of shit is already being piled up on Jones Day in order to realize Donald Trump’s legal fantasies and pretend the Supreme Court is delivering the election to Trump. And rightly so. Not the first (or last) time Above the Law called the biglaw giant, but in the big media pond we’re relatively niche fish – we’re a group of ex-lawyers writing in front of an audience of practicing lawyers, after all – and it was great too see mainstream sources dive in on Jones Day.

And it gets a lot worse.

I had my problems with the GOP Never-Trumpers, which became the political action committee, the Lincoln Project, and I stand by the position that liberals should beware of any “help” from them. But. But that’ll be fun. Washington Post’s Greg Sargent reports today that the PAC is launching an advertising campaign against Jones Day.

Anti Jones Day Ads On Tv? You know that is what the law is for.

The Lincoln Project has announced that, even in a post-Trump world, they will continue to advocate expanded voting rights and voter suppression laws. And as Sargent notes, this is part of that effort:

“These people have now decided that trying to undermine the outcome of a just and fair election is perfectly acceptable to their legal practice,” said Rick Wilson, GOP strategist and co-founder of the Lincoln Project, in a reference to Jones Day and other companies representing Trump and the GOP.

Wilson said the Lincoln Project would “shed light on” and noted that such efforts Help Trump “act against the American people”.

Oh, and it’s getting better: Jones Day customers are also looked after. As Wilson says, “I would like to know how General Motors justifies working with a company that is aggressively trying to undermine the validity of a free and fair election.”

As I said, this will be fun.

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