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Just because employees work from home doesn’t mean they should always be on call

“Let me have a life!”

I will be expected to be around the clock. I get calls and emails all night and over the weekend, and the late night and weekend deadlines have become the norm. It’s starting to ruin my personal relationships. Similar concerns existed before COVID, but it wasn’t that bad. The root of this are customer expectations.

– A respondent to ALM’s 2021 Mental Health and Substance Abuse Survey, in which he commented on the unrealistic expectation that employees would be constantly on call when working from home due to COVID-19. “My company is generally a good place to work. COVID really threw things off and I felt pretty isolated working from home, ”another respondent said. “If anything, I would describe last year’s experience as complete isolation with no boundaries between work and personal life. No amount of zoom happy hours or coffee chats can overcome this. “

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