Juvenile insists on speedy process, at the request of the lawyer –

LIMA – A Lima teenager charged with various serious criminal charges as an adult surprised his attorney on Monday by refusing to waive his constitutional right to a speedy trial.

Joseph Hildreth, 17, also known as Joseph Lewallen, was charged by a grand jury in March of aggravated robbery and kidnapping of first degree crimes. Grand Theft and attempted break-in, both fourth-degree crimes; and failure to heed a police officer’s order or signal, a first degree misdemeanor.

The first-degree criminals each carry a three-year weapon specification.

Hildreth was handed over to the Common Pleas Court in Allen County by juvenile justice in March after it was determined that there was a likely reason to believe he was responsible for the charges against him and that he was in the grave robbery of a Delphos resident owned a firearm.

During the hearing on Monday, defense attorney Zach Maisch told Judge Jeffrey Reed that due to the abundance of discovery evidence against his client, additional time was required to prepare for the trial. However, when asked by Reed, Hildreth refused to waive his rights.

“I want my negotiation quick,” he told Reed.

This process is scheduled to begin on May 15th.

Seventeen-year-old Joseph Hildreth, also known as Joseph Lewallen, appeared in Allen County’s Common Pleas Court on Monday to waive his constitutional right to a speedy trial. But Hildreth had other ideas and told the presiding judge that he wanted his trial to begin on May 15th as planned.

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