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Kirkland Sweetens Associate perks with free food

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The richest law firm out there joined the special bonus march in March. But it turned out that the company wasn’t quite ready to reward its employees for their work so that the money gushes through the door like the blood from the Shining.

The company just announced that employees can cost 10 non-working meals up to $ 100 each. The law firm isn’t picky about just picking up employee tabs – lawyers are allowed to serve meals with anyone they want.

As one tipster wrote:

So if you’ve still managed to have friends after spending time in Biglaw, you can take them over for dinner.

Well, you should have friends. But maybe this can be the incentive to connect with and reconnect with some people. It’s $ 1,000 free food, folks. It’s a fantastic gesture.

When Davis Polk was offering gift packages for employees in addition to special bonuses, we discussed the importance of giving employees gifts that they must use for their own enjoyment. The grind can be dehumanizing and big bonuses are great and essential, but the temptation to put it all into paying back loans is real. And even if this is the best life decision to make, if you go straight back to work without feeling like you’re making anything tangible out of it, you still feel a little hollow at the back end. So give added value to goods and services that employees must experience. A good meal, a vacation, an exercise machine … whatever.

Because there is a difference between appreciating employees for their work and appreciating what work does to them.

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