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Day-to-day work in and out of court with the legal system is a perspective that Joel Kuhlman seeks to put in the position of Judge Wood Coumty Common Pleas, for whom he is a candidate for the Democratic Party.

"It was difficult getting in front of the voters. I think people in Wood County want to know about my background. What I emphasize in my conversations and in my literature is my history in the public service, my chosen story as a former Board member of the Wood County Educational Service Center, Bowling Green City Council person and county commissioner, and what I do regularly as an attorney, "Kuhlman said of electoral activity during the coronavirus pandemic restrictions.

During this election, he participated in public events such as the League of Women Voters Candidate Forum and was actively involved through the internet.

He also referred to his public relations work while working as a lawyer, where he works in offices in Bowling Green and North Baltimore. As part of his practice, he is an attorney for Bloomdale, Jerry City and North Baltimore.

"As a lawyer, I'm in court, maybe half the week. These are pre-trial conferences, hearings, legal proceedings, but in all cases where clients are represented, whether I'm in court or in the office," said Kuhlman I have a lot of daily contact with the courts and my clients. That is the practice of the law. "

"I usually go to court there on joint pleas. I have some of the companies I represent that cause me to go to the local court every now and then, and some individual customers."

Kuhlman said it is his day-to-day work that will best prepare him for joint pleas in court.

"Most experiences, whether the people at home believe it or not, in most cases don't go on trial, and so are most cases in general, not just general reasons," Kuhlman said. “One of the things that puts you in a position where you need an attorney to be is one of the things the attorney should do to solve your problem without the risk of going to court and your fate or death To have your case determined by a jury or a judge. One of the things I love most about Wood County's court system is the way the system is set up. "

The judges encourage attorneys to work formally and informally with their clients to work with mediation. He is in favor of this path because the customer "is constantly receiving information about how the resolution should look like".

Kuhlman has been a civil and local law attorney since 2008. From 2012 to 17, he was also a Wood County officer.

Kuhlman was also a member of the Board of Revisions from 2012 to 2016 and led more than 250 real estate tax appeals.

"I view the position as an administrative rather than a judicial position, but I enjoyed hearing evidence from talented lawyers and deciding on the issues raised," he said.

His role as Commissioner allowed him to work on a wide variety of subjects that opened up a more diverse perspective outside of the legal area.

“I represented Wood County as commissioner. I understand the unique problems that rural dwellers face, such as agriculture, drainage, industry and recently pipelines, ”said Kuhlman.

Kuhlman is a lifelong resident of Wood County. He graduated from Eastwood Local Schools and attended the University of Toledo, where he received degrees in engineering and law. He lives in Perrysburg with his wife Gretchen and their three daughters Josie, Hollis and Etta.

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