LAPD official sued metropolis for sexual harassment, allegations of retaliation

A Los Angeles police officer is suing the city for sexual harassment and retaliation.

Brenda Nix, a Los Angeles police officer, recently filed a lawsuit against the city on allegations that she was sexually molested and belittled by other officers on the team. As a result of the treatment, she was eventually “forced out of a coveted position working with the homeless”. In addition to allegations of sexual harassment, the lawsuit alleges that she was rejected when she spoke up. She is now looking for unspecified damage.

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The lawsuit states: “The plaintiff’s male subordinates avoided them, treated them with disrespect, and were regularly rude.”

Nix first joined the LAPD in 2002. The alleged harassment began in February 2017 and has continued since then. During this time, she was “subjected to discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and a hostile work environment based on her gender, and suffered retaliation after complaining about the way she was treated.” Furthermore, the lawsuit argues, “Nix’s two superiors, both sergeants, knew there was an allegedly hostile work environment for women, but did not correct the behavior.” When she finally joined the Homeless Outreach Proactive Engagement Unit, a team tasked with working with the homeless, she was “regularly exposed to an environment in which women were humiliated, belittled, and objectified,” according to the lawsuit. The lawsuit further alleges that “a supervisor called women ‘bitches’, said or implied that he needed to have intercourse with a supervisor in order to ‘calm them down’ and also boasted that he had sex with his partner.” The same supervisor, according to the lawsuit, “also set the tone that women within the unit need not be treated with respect”.

Although Nix was the senior officer on the team, many of her staff refused to “take orders from a woman,” and often grinned when Nix gave them an order and refused to look her in the eye while speaking, “they say in the suit.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, one of her bosses invited Nix in April 2017 “to take him on a trip to Las Vegas and asked her to dye her hair blonde because he liked the color.” Then, in February In 2019, Nix and her partner attempted to “clean up an area of ‚Äč‚Äčaround 40 to 50 homeless people, but they received no support when they asked for help.”

Nothing got fed up and complained to the HR department, but nothing was done and a report was never written and filed for them. Eventually Nix was stressed and she asked for a transfer from the unit. As a result of her treatment, her lawsuit alleges that she “suffered both general and particular damage which continues to this day”. She also suffers from anxiety and psychological distress.

This is not the first time the city has turned a blind eye to sexual harassment. Earlier this fall, an official sued the city on allegations that he was subjected to “repeated sexual harassment by a mayor’s adviser” while working on Mayor Eric Garcetti’s security details.


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