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Law firm takes $ 300,000 in yacht kickback case

It’s not often that you see headlines about lawyers and yacht trips funded with kickback funds, but apparently that’s because you aren’t familiar with the wild, uncompromising legal scene in … Massachusetts?

In one case that feels like it should be in Grand Cayman or some other place with a dodgy reputation in business, Boston-based Keches Law Group PC has reached an agreement with the State AG office on allegations that they should confused with injured workers in a perk referral program, Workers Pharmacy, a company that has already paid the state $ 11 million in a settlement over lax safety precautions, “resulting in thousands of potentially illegitimate controlled substance prescriptions across the country be sent “. Oops.

Keches had agreements with the pharmacy for injured workers that included a racing event, Christmas party, and – obviously – a yacht excursion totaling around 90.

“Law firms shouldn’t break the law, and they shouldn’t profit from the injuries their clients have suffered from illegal kickbacks,” said Attorney General Maura Healy.

Yes, clients should know if they are being referred to a specific location as the attorney will receive a fee for that referral. But the existence of such agreements isn’t as unsavory as Healy paints. The fact that this pharmacy was involved in opioid roulette doesn’t necessarily reflect the company after all – from the company’s point of view, they have hurt customers and a pharmacy gives them money for recommending services.

While you’re hoping to say, “Every pharmacy should raise red flags on a deal like this,” the fact that the pharma hit is lucrative enough that places that take the right precautions will still have enough money to buy a yacht excursion to finance here and there. There is no reason a company should be suspicious of a high-spending pharmacy. Perhaps that’s a more fundamental problem that someone should investigate.

But with that $ 300,000 deal behind them, the company can once again hear the slick tracks of Loggins and Messina cruising through Boston Harbor.

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