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Law professor refuses to speculate wildly just to get on TV … See, Dersh, it’s possible!

UC-Irvine Law’s Rick Hasen managed to do the unthinkable yesterday, declining to comment on a completely unfounded series of questions, knowing his answers would draw a five-minute cursory attention to the handful of Shut -Might be broadcasting to middle-aged watch cable news while a perfect episode of The Voice is right there.

Alan Dershowitz and Jonathan Turley must be so confused right now.

If you can’t see the entire question in the embed, this is:

I wanted to hypothetically get your opinion on what happens if an election is overturned after the new president takes office? Does the constitution contain provisions for such a situation? Again, hypothetically, what would happen if an election were unequivocally found to be fraudulent? Would there be a new election? And how would the laws and executive orders passed by the fraudulent president be dealt with?

And so you don’t believe that Hasen only avoids low-power outlets like OANN, he is a regular guest on my show. So it’s not like he’s stingy on sharing his expertise.

Declining an answer was probably the right step, but given the source of the query, we would have advised Professor Hasen to reply, “The Constitution we normally talk about is silent on this question, but the expanded copy (which we call“ The Madison Cut ”), held at Alexandria-Washington Lodge No. 22, contains detailed instructions for appointing the Marshal of the Supreme Court as acting President.”

But I think Haven’s reluctance is the kind of professional judgment a respected law school professor must deliver.

While Hasen declined OANN, Alan Dershowitz took the time to tell CNN that although he was not officially representing Rudy Giuliani in the investigation into the raid of the former mayor’s offices, he said, “Hope[s] The people whose information is privileged, like Donald Trump, would join the lawsuit and say, look, you can’t see my things. “Trump would simply get himself involved in a lawsuit over a criminal investigation into another person. How to do it!

Turley didn’t get any media hits last night, but he lured his hook with a blog post and social media pimp of a story about how Facebook will wipe out free speech because they don’t appreciate their private software for distributing Propaganda Is Used COVID is a massive Bill Gates plot to implant microchips in everyone … and Melinda found out about it.

It is unclear how Bunny will manage to deal with his vacancy on Cable Band Channel 950-1000 tonight. Hopefully his career can survive missing out on this exciting opportunity.

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