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Law Revue Video Contest 2021: Vote for the finalists!

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to turn your eyes to the best of the best in the 2021 Law Revue Video Contest. This year the competition was great – so great that for the twelfth edition of this competition we decided to limit the competition to the three best videos.

Not only were these law students able to carry a tune, but they had excellent comedic timing and provided us with professional production values. Our finalists’ videos were an absolute delight with the youngest rap catchy tunes, coupled with a Broadway hit, and made an excellent soundtrack for this year’s Law Revue styles. You stayed up to date and the results have been amazing. Good work!

This year your reviewers will be Staci Zaretsky, Joe Patrice, and Kathryn Rubino. We only give opinions; You hold all the power.

Who will follow the winners of the past few years into the annals of Law Revue history? It’s up to you, our readers! Do the right thing: vote early and vote for the best.

The videos are listed in alphabetical order by school. The vote ends SUNDAY 16 MAY at 11:59 p.m. (Easter time).


STACI:: That was absolutely fantastic, and that line nails 100% the law school shooter’s experience: “Sit back, listen to my stance, eyes roll every time I raise my hand.” I almost have that perfect Megan Thee stallion “AH” very much appreciated. Excellent job.
Joe:: The concept is great, the production is great. If I have any problems, it could be that it needs a lyric bridge … maybe give the penultimate chorus a different set of lyrics to add a little variety when the song ends in 4 minutes. But when I focus on it you know it’s almost perfect.
Isn’t that fun? Historically, the best law revision videos have the ability to bring even the most jaded senior attorneys back to their time in law school with their succinct and relatable copy – that makes it perfect. And man this song is a blast, gotta love it


STACI:: The texts here are fun and serve as a reminder that after donations, your law school will come to you when you least expect it. Good production for a pure zoom presentation.
Joe:: Going into the Hamilton songbook is a risk. Everyone knows, it has been done superbly by people before you, and there is little risk of disappointment when you step here. And yet … Texas can do it. The production values ​​for a Zoom presentation are great, with cute captions to keep the audience visually more engaging than the standard captions, a healthy variety of jokes between verses while maintaining a consistent overall theme. Fantastic.
There’s a lot of good things about this submission, but what really gets me going is the unique quarantine vibe – it’s the ultimate zoom feat. The graphics aren’t just superficial, they add to the jokes. After living online for over a year, I really appreciate that.


STACI:: They know something is great when the chorus from the parody song gets stuck in your head. Elena K’s speed rapping is worthy again.
Joe:: Kagan’s verse is one of the best parts of the entire competition. That’s not a blow to the rest of the fantastic gigs here, but Kagan’s whole thing really got me laughing out loud.
Apparently, Megan Thee Stallion’s musical styles gave attendees a distinct advantage this year, and I’m HERE FOR IT. As others have noted, the skills in UVA filing are remarkable, but the skillful weaving of comments is what makes this one really overdone for me.

It’s time to choose everyone. Close polls SUNDAY, MAY 16, at 11:59 p.m. (Easter time). click HERE to get the vote among your friends and family.

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