Lawsuit: Professor on the College of Michigan harassed Egyptian researchers with “racist, misogynist” verbal assaults

Urology professor Mark L. Day allegedly removed frustration over terminating a contract with an Egyptian colleague on whom he had vowed revenge.

In a recent lawsuit, a University of Michigan urology professor is accused of “racist, misogynistic and xenophobic” writing against a foreign colleague.

The lawsuit, according to The Detroit News, said the University of Michigan did not do enough to address Layla Fakhr El-Din el-Sawy’s complaints.

According to the news, El-Sawy worked with urology professor Mark L. Day between 2012 and 2017. El-Sawy, an Egyptian national, had moved on to Egyptian European pharmaceuticals industry under a research agreement between Professor Day, University of Michigan, and Ann Arbor.

Scientists at EEPI had discovered a wild plant native to Egypt’s Nile Valley that they believed could contain compounds useful for cancer research.

The University of Michigan therefore enabled joint research between the EEPI and Day.

However, in her lawsuit, El-Sawy claims that Day never approached the project professionally.

She claims that Day falsified the results of at least one experiment. In another incident, Day allegedly released confidential information about his work at an academic conference. Day’s revelation – accidental or not – prompted EEPI to inform the professor that they are considering terminating his research contract.

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El-Sawy’s complaint states that Day escalated his wrongdoing following the threat from EEPI, and rewarded her for threats and attacks.

El-Sawy says that Day regularly “humiliated and verbally attacked” her while subjecting her to “relentless harassment and discrimination.” El-Sawy remembers reporting 30 angry texts and emails from Day in one case in less than seven hours.

One of the messages, according to the Detroit News, was telling El-Sawy not to question his authority.

Day called himself “the boss” and allegedly used his race and references to keep his Egyptian counterparts up to date.

“I’m a white man in the United States,” Day wrote, “and I can do what the hell I want and no one will believe you.”

“Everyone needs to understand that I’m a western man and you can’t touch me,” Day reportedly said on another round of the news.

In addition to sending racially motivated messages, Day El-Sawy threatened personal ruin – he would take steps to ensure that the woman “can never again work in science in the US” and that he would file complaints against her with Egyptian health Authorities. adds that El-Sawy filed a complaint against Day in October 2017.

The university was slow to respond, however – the first step was to suspend El-Sawy’s payment for failure to complete work assignments.

During a conference in February 2018, the University of Michigan staff in the Department of Urology agreed that Day’s actions were inappropriate and unacceptable. notes that several Urology employees at El-Sawy apologized for enduring Day’s harassment.

No longer after the conference, Day wrote an apology letter to El-Sawy. In July 2018, he sent another letter of apology to EEPI’s parent company, Pharco.


Lawsuit Accuses University of Michigan Professor of “Racist, Misogynist, Xenophobic Behavior”

UM professor accused of racist, xenophobic behavior towards Egyptian scientists in court proceedings

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