Lawyer, kinfolk sit on water tank to protest brother’s kidnapping – Hindustan Occasions

A lawyer who climbed a tank of water in the Beli area with five members of his family on Saturday morning for alleging police inaction over his brother’s alleged kidnapping and muscle man’s takeover of his land in his native Hardoi district, declined to come down late Sunday evening despite repeated appeals, police said.

Additional District Judge (City) AK Kanaujiya spoke to the attorney several times. The Hardoi ADM and District Judge also spoke to the attorney and promised any assistance. However, attorney Vijay Pratap, in his 40s, did not respond to their requests and requested a CBI investigation into his case.

Pratap said he had filed several complaints regarding the land grab by a muscle man, claiming that no action was taken because the thugs brother is a police officer stationed in the office of the Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG).

The lawyer said he and his family were on a hunger strike, which they would continue if their demands were not met. He claimed he had a large gasoline container with him and warned of self-immolation if attempted to bring her down by force.

Meanwhile, a net was set up near the tank as officials desperately tried to convince the family to come down and promise to address all of their problems. The officers could not convince them and provided them with water, blankets, and a power bank so they could charge their cell phones so they could continue communicating.

After climbing in the water tank, the lawyer also made a video and posted it on social media.

The lawyer told reporters that in the video he made his 13-point charter of demands to draw the prime minister’s and prime minister’s attention to his plight.

Canton Police Station inspector Neeraj Walia, who was on site shortly after the drama began, said constant efforts were being made to convince the lawyer and his loved ones to come down.

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