Lawyer who marketed within the Nationwide Socialist e-newsletter “Your Ward Information” authorised by the Regulation Society – Regulation Occasions

Their Ward News was operated by Editor James Sears and Editor Leroy St. Germaine, who were found guilty of willfully promoting hatred by Justice Richard Blouin of the Ontario Court of Justice. The publication was found to include the glorification of Nazism and Adolph Hitler, denial of the Holocaust, demonization of the Jewish people and women, and the celebration and promotion of rape. In 2016, Canada Post stopped distributing its Ward News after Warman filed a complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

At the regulatory meeting, Faed told the Law Society that he had not read Your Ward News, was unaware of the nature of its content, and did not share “any hateful views that the editor or publisher may have held.” The Law Society added that Faed withdrew the complaint three years ago and “is unlikely to act similarly in the future.”

Despite Faed’s statement to the Law Society, Warman says, Faed continued the promotion until 2017 after Warman contacted him and explained his concerns about the content of the publication. He adds that under their clearance terms, Sears and St. Germaine were asked to stop publishing – they were arrested in 2017 – so Faed cannot be credited if they stop promoting them.

“This idea that Mr. Faed stopped advertising on Your Ward News on his own initiative is simple – I don’t think that’s a plausible explanation,” Warman says.

Faed’s ads also contained a disclaimer that read, “Independent. I am not a member of the New Constitution Party of Canada, which Faed believed would “distance itself” from the contents of the publication, the Law Society said.

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