Legal professionals escalate ways to win Cheektowaga – Buffalo Information' million greenback jury award

The personal injury attorneys reviewed the city administration's long-standing minutes and found only one mention of the case when a lawsuit was filed in 2012, followed by a recent closed session discussion, Cobb said.

"We are very concerned about them," said Cobb of his client. "She's worried. She didn't get a cent."

Cobb said he would prefer the city just to pay rather than force personal injury attorneys to seek judicial intervention and use other tactics.

"We just want Cheektowaga to be a good western New Yorker," he said.

Sliwinski, who was on duty at the time of the accident, was returning from an official role and was on his way to lunch with then-boss David J. Zack when the collision occurred, Cobb said.

Following the accident, the woman was taken to Erie County Medical Center, where she was operated on for a broken leg. Sliwinski was suspended for three days without pay on December 23, 2012.

After a three-day trial, the jury ruled $ 1.2 million and the woman was awarded $ 900,000 after the jury found she crossed against the pedestrian signal and found her 20% negligent .

The appeals court found that awarding damages for past and future pain and suffering was "reasonable compensation".

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