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Lin Wooden reveals up on Mercer Regulation College’s name to defend himself shouldn’t be doing nicely

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Last year Mercer Law School honored Lin Wood for his professional achievements. Now the school is understandably trying to distance itself from a lawyer who used its now-banned Twitter and now-defunct Parler accounts to suggest that Chief Justice Roberts is part of a pedophile cult and to advocate the execution of the Vice President .

One possible move that is gaining momentum is to return Wood’s million dollar gift to the school and remove his name from the school’s contested courtroom. Dean Cathy Cox placed a Zoom call to discuss the campaign with the Mercer Law community. Wood decided to attend the celebrations …

NEW: According to sources, attorney Lin Wood just had a “heated” Zoom call with deans and members of the student body at Mercer Law School, his alma mater. Many at Mercer want to remove Wood’s name from his courtroom. Wood says he wants his million dollar gift back if they do …

– Charles Bethea (@charlesbethea) January 22, 2021

By the way, if you don’t follow Charles Bethea for your Lin Wood messages, you are missing out. The New York journalist has kept up with Wood personally during recent events and published a new article on his correspondence with the attorney. After dismissing the Capitol riot as an antifa joke and repeatedly betting Bethea that Trump would be resuscitated … before he, you know, didn’t:

The next morning, Trump finally took off. Wood was among the millions who were watching. What was he thinking now? The lawyer replied with a question: “What do you think of the gold-studded flags behind him when he spoke?” The caller realized it was seventeen – much to the delight of the QAnon press corps. (“Q” is the seventeenth letter of the alphabet.) “I didn’t count them,” Wood wrote of the flags. “I just enjoyed the beauty of the gold ornamentation.” And he added in another text, referring to Biden’s speech: “Waiting for the end so I can play with my puppies!”

The gold-trimmed flags are indicative of the persistent stupidity of the “sovereign citizen” legal theory that courts have no jurisdiction when they use gold-fringed flags, as it means they are admiralty courts. Indeed, this is not what gold-fringed flags mean. The fringe theory is typically a fringe theory among misguided pro-se litigants. An accomplished lawyer bringing up the problem is troubling.

In any event, Wood joined the call, largely dismissing the criticism, citing his First Amendment rights and stressing that the claims he made in the election lawsuits he supported were never evaluated because of the cases be put on the stage basis of standing. This is not really true as the “evidence” he speaks of has surfaced in other cases and the judges dismissed the allegations as unfounded. It also relies heavily on the idea that he only filed two cases in Georgia – a claim he is making to sustain the argument that he cannot be sanctioned in the Michigan lawsuit on which he put his name because he did not “sign”. The complaint.

There’s a lot here, but let’s just take one passage to get a taste of the entertainment. Here he defends his tweet about running pence:

Only in the past three months has our government publicly stated that we are still using firing squads. Treason has firing squad as a punishment. I believe that Vice President Pence was guilty of treason. I have documented evidence that he did the same with Rod Rosenstein in 2017. Treason is treason. To illustrate how much I felt aware of the fact that he was guilty of treason, I used a rhetorical exaggeration that suggested – not that someone go out and shoot him – but that he be subject to the punishment the law imposes on him Betrayal. I don’t control firing squads, just the government.

So a shorter Lin Wood:

Wood used the arguments against the school to continue to honor him politely but firmly, and yet it is difficult to believe that his presentation helped his case. If anything, he underscored all the reasons a law school wanted to distance itself. He may have the right to say what he said and do what he did, but Mercer is under no obligation to tie his reputation to any of that.

But he definitely has some enthusiastic fans. The comments on the YouTube video all support him and describe him as “a true and honorable hero for our country”. I received an email this morning from a Wood supporter railing about how the fraud can be proven if only people got the “1000 affidavits, ballot paper of 100,000, all for Biden, in the middle of the night, Considering irregularities observed by election workers, cyber security experts would show data is impossible, foreign interference from at least 5 countries. “The affidavits range from ridiculous to insane, the ‘dumps’ are the way districts are reported, the poll workers discussed have been interviewed and discounted, the multiple-election theory was even laughed at by the Republicans who looked at it Cyber ​​security experts have been uncovered as cranks with no valid expertise and flawed methods, and while foreign powers seek to meddle, their actions focus on sowing disinformation – how exactly to promote these stupid conspiracy theories.

There is a whole ecosphere of fake “evidence” and manufactured support for these people to rely on. It actually goes the fine line between weird and sad.

In any case, Mercer has a choice – is a million dollars enough to anchor the school in front of a lawyer who repeats debunked theories and offers dubious legal analysis that a judge recently dubbed a “toxic stew of mendacity”?

Speaking of anchors … did you hear the one about the gold-studded flags and the jurisdiction of the Maritime Tribunal?

A Trump Holdout in Atlanta [New Yorker]

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