Madras Supreme Courtroom launches contempt trial towards attorney Instances of India

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CHENNAI: The Supreme Court of Madras has initiated suo motu denial proceedings against a lawyer who lied about a court order to terminate the eviction proceedings.
“The above act of the attorney is an utter abuse of the legal process,” said Judge P. Velmurugan. On December 3, the court issued an injunction ordering residents to evacuate property. The police initiated the eviction process and attorney P Bagyalakshmi informed them that the court had overturned the injunction.
When the plea came up for hearing, the court was informed of the development. The authorities presented a letter from Bagyalakshmi claiming that the eviction warrant was lifted on December 4th.
The court took the lawyer’s actions seriously and launched a contempt trial against Bagyalakshmi.
The court also made it clear to the authorities that the eviction order is still valid and that they can proceed.


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