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Make the most of your work from home

On this episode of the Jabot podcast, I’m talking to Becky Greenfield and Cristina Rodriguez from Wolfe Pincavage about the new normal – working from home. We chat about how WFH has changed your practice and how you can find out how to grow professionally in the virtual environment and how business development plays a role in this. We discuss how business leaders can better mentor team members and promote collaborative environments.

The Jabot podcast is an offshoot of the Above the Law brand that focuses on the challenges women, colored people, LGBTQIA and other diverse populations face in the legal industry. Our name comes from none other than the infamous Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the jabot (decorative collar) she wore when she spread dissent from the bank. It is a reminder that we are a powerful force to reckon with even when we do not win.

Have fun while listening!

Kathryn Rubino is Senior Editor at Above the Law and host of The Jabot podcast. AtL tipsters are the best, so please contact them. Feel free to email her with tips, questions, or comments and follow her on Twitter (@ Kathryn1).

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