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San Diego City attorney Mara Elliott claimed victory Tuesday night as she attempted to hold onto her post with an early but significant lead of 68.83% to 31.17% over private attorney Cory Briggs.

“When I was elected four years ago, I made a promise to put the people of San Diego first, and that is exactly what we did,” Elliott said in a statement.

“With the help of our excellent team in the prosecution, San Diego is leading the way in reducing gun violence, assisting victims of domestic violence, and making corporate polluters accountable. We moved quickly to protect public health during the pandemic, and we did have managed.” Protecting tax dollars is a priority. I am humble and grateful that the people of San Diego have placed their trust in me to fight for another term. ”

Elliott has been a city attorney since 2016 and has since taken an unusually proactive approach to the role, sometimes ruffling feathers, such as with the Smart Streetlights program. In August, members of the San Diego City Council boycotted a meeting with Elliott over restrictions on sensitive documents.

Briggs had not admitted until 10:15 p.m. on Tuesday evening.

Briggs has sued the city dozens of times, allegedly to increase the transparency of the town hall. He said he wanted to remove petty politics from the office.

“As someone who has spent nearly two decades battling special interests at City Hall, I believe now is the time to bring my education, experience and approach as a taxpayer to the prosecutor’s office first,” he said .

Elliott pointed to Briggs’ many lawsuits as reasons she was better suited for the office.

The couple stood on trial during the election cycle. Elliot sued Briggs for identifying himself as a taxpayer attorney, while Briggs sued Elliot for seeking endorsement from the San Diego Union-Tribune after it expired. Briggs prevailed in both cases.

The city attorney acts as the city’s public prosecutor and legal advisor.

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