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There are two candidates in the running to replace Aramis Ayala as prosecutor for Orange and Osceola Counties.

Monique Worrell (D) of Winter Garden earned a bachelor’s degree from St. John’s University in 1995 and a JD from Fredric G. Levin College of Law, University of Florida in 2000. Worrell previously served as a criminal justice attorney and recently served as the chief legal officer of the REFORM Alliance, a nonprofit organization focused on criminal justice reform.

Worrell was assisted by Vice-Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris and Senator Bernie Sanders.

“I have fought for justice in this community for over twenty years. I have not prepared my life for a run to the prosecutor, but my life prepared me well,” it says on their website. “I bring a holistic perspective on justice from my experience as a defense attorney, law professor, assistant prosecutor and chief legal officer. My background provides me with a unique ability to take different perspectives and implement guidelines that make our communities stronger and safer without compromising justice . “

Jose Torroella (NPA) is a former prosecutor and longtime defense attorney who says he entered the race “because I’m tired of politically correct prosecutors failing to bring charges against criminals who believe that nonviolent crimes like theft, fraud and drugs are not criminal should be pursued. ” who offer light penalties for serious violent crimes. “

According to its website, Torroella’s slogan is “Do the Crime, Make the Time” and supports the detention of criminals because “while in jail or jail our communities are SAFE. Real criminals are rarely rehabilitated.”

“My opponent is more concerned about the rights of criminals than about the rights of victims and the safety of our community. Ms. Worrell is hardly concerned about the safety and well-being of our law enforcement officers. We need to let law enforcement know that we have their backs.”

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