Metropolis chief talk about transferring ahead, US Lawyer warns that workplace will get entangled in Richmond riots –

RICHMOND, Va. — After weeks of unrest in Richmond and riots that damaged small businesses and city property, multiple conversations took place on Tuesday about how to move forward.

The eastern district’s top prosecutor, Zachary Terwilliger, was in town to speak with federal judges about the recent riots, and community members gathered at Libby Hill park to talk about their desire to see the riots stop.

At the park, city leaders said that despite many peaceful protests, there have also been demonstrators intent on destroying property which they said goes against the message behind the black lives matter movement.

Zachary Terwilliger also spoke exclusively to CBS 6 and said that his office is ready and willing to help if called upon.

“I can tell you where there’s a federal nexus, the U.S. Attorney’s Office will engage fully,” Terwilliger said. “For example the alleged arson of the dump truck, that’s a federal case, a mandatory minimum of five years.”

“You want to come and peaceably assemble and march and protest, you have that right and I mean that from the depths of my being…but if you are coming to destroy property and take revitalized areas and blight them, that’s a problem.”

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