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Morning doc: 01.20.20

* The New Jersey Supreme Court overturned a conviction for a prosecutor referencing The Shining during a trial. And it wasn’t even a “Redrum” case … [New Jersey Law Journal]

* Chief Justice Roberts is set to summon another person today who defied his confirmation in the Supreme Court. [Yahoo News]

* A lawyer said, “I bet I won’t turn up again. Goodbye! ”Last week in response to being denied permission to withdraw from a case. Of course it happened in Florida, and watch the episode video in the article, it’s amazing. [BoingBoing]

* Newly minted attorney Tiffany Trump announced her engagement to boyfriend Michael Boulos yesterday. [New York Times]

* Local residents who smell strong odors because they live near a Florida perfume factory have filed a class action lawsuit. Perhaps they prefer toilet smell to eau de toilette … [News4Jax]

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