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Morning Docket: 01/28/21

* A new lawsuit claims that tuna served on the subway is not actually tuna. They probably knew something smelled like fish … [Washington Post]

* A well-known entertainment lawyer who represented writers such as Dan Brown and John Grisham died at the age of 77. [Variety]

* A New York attorney was charged with defrauding real estate investors. [Department of Justice]

* Investors are suing AstraZeneca for alleged losses due to alleged problems testing the company’s COVID-19 vaccine. [Bloomberg Law]

* President Biden’s brother allegedly promoted his relationship with the president through a law firm. Didn’t President Carter’s brother use his celebrity to sell beer? [NBC News]

Jordan Rothman is a partner at Rothman Law Firm, a full-service law firm in New York and New Jersey. He is also the founder of Student Debt Diaries, a website that discusses how he paid off his student loan. You can contact Jordan by email at [email protected]

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