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Morning Docket 04/23/21

* The Florida Supreme Court does not allow voters to legalize recreational marijuana in the Sunshine State. At least the court didn’t spread the bad news on April 20th … [Slate]

* A Brooklyn man’s murder conviction has been overturned because his attorney was reportedly “cruel” and committed inexcusable mistakes. [New York Daily News]

* A new lawsuit alleges that Florida’s so-called anti-riot law is unconstitutional. [AP]

* Rob Bonta was confirmed as attorney general for California. [Los Angeles Times]

* Apple is facing a lawsuit to let customers know they can “buy” a movie, although access can later be revoked. [Hollywood Reporter]

* Tesla’s top attorney left the company because of a self-driving startup. I wonder who will take over the helm of Tesla’s Legal Department after they leave. [Business Insider]

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