Legal Law

Morning Docket: 10.01.20

* An Irish court has held that bread used in Subway sandwiches is too sugary to meet the legal definition of bread as a “staple” food for tax break purposes. Maybe they should put more “dough” into their bread… [New York Post]

* The Kentucky Attorney General will need to release materials related to grand jury proceedings over the death of Breonna Taylor by tomorrow. [CNN]

* An attorney for the alleged Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse announced plans to sue Joe Biden’s campaign over ads which purportedly depict Rittenhouse as a white supremacist. [Fox News]

* The Nevada Attorney General has warned that he will prosecute the type of poll watching allegedly suggested by President Trump at Tuesday’s presidential debate. [Hill]

* A lawyer was suspended from practice for failing to pay bar dues or filing a registration statement for years and practicing law while administratively suspended. Pay your bar dues everyone! [Bloomberg Law]

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