Legal Law

Morning Docket: 10.13.20

* A class action about Xbox controllers that allegedly “drift” has been beefed up. I used to blame controllers when I lost at GoldenEye as a kid… [Video Games Chronicle]

* Andrew Cuomo apparently has “no interest in going to Washington” to become Attorney General if Joe Biden is elected president. [Fox News]

* A Connecticut lawyer who served time in federal prison for fraud is seeking reinstatement to the Connecticut Bar. [CT Post]

* Law School Transparency is hosting an event on the future of the bar exam that you should all check out! [Law School Transparency]

* A black man who was allegedly led through Galveston, Texas, by a white police officer on horseback is suing the city for $1 million. [CNN]

* The Florida Bar says a lawyer acted so poorly, the judge had to “resort to a discipline strategy typically reserved to parents separating bickering siblings.” This sounds like so many depositions I’ve attended… [Daily Business Review]

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