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My pillow man is submitting defamation lawsuits over gadgets linking him to lovely actress, quite than Wackass’ coup plot

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Mike Lindell is very crazy. The Daily Mail published an article romantically linking him to actress Jane Krakowski, and the CEO of My Pillow doesn’t have it. How dare you have an attractive movie star willingly spend time with a foamy conspiracy theorist like him, let alone woo you with gifts of wine and flowers? You can’t stand this aggression, man!

So Lindell hired Charles Harder, the “Gawker killer” in the flesh, just to demand retaliation. As the Daily Beast first reported, Lindell filed a libel lawsuit in the southern borough of New York, asking a jury to hear his claim and pour dollars into the gaping hole in his soul caused by this hideous libel.

Ms. Krakowski appears to be tackling the article without even threatening to sue the report that she spent nine months in a relationship with a right-wing troll.

“Jane has never met Mr. Lindell before. She is and has never been in a relationship with him, either romantically or in any other way, ”her publicist said in a statement. “She is in full fantasy relationships with Brad Pitt, Rege-Jean Page and Kermit the Frog, however, and welcomes any coverage of it.”

But Lindell, who told investigative reporter Laura Collins (also a named defendant) that “I’ve never heard of Jane Krakowski ???” claims to have been seriously injured.

Lindell presumably has bigger fish to fry, which has to do with a Dominion Voting Systems defamation suit on the horizon and his product being ripped off retail shelves. (Maybe Harder throws this in as a giveaway?) But more specifically, how exactly was the My Pillow Guy hurt by this story? Isn’t the damage here like suspecting he’s honeymooned in Cleveland eating pineapple pizza?

It’s not even adultery since Lindell isn’t married. In fact, he left his first wife for another woman while two of their four children were still at home. In 2013, he remarried for a month to a woman who issued an affidavit accusing him of attempting to run her over and was charged with physical abuse in a petition for protection by another woman he was dating. Even so, this good family man seeks a recovery in order to damage his good reputation.

“As a Protestant Christian, Mr. Lindell devotes himself piously to his religious beliefs, his family, his civic engagement and his charity. He’s not at all a mysterious or filthy person as the defendants portray him in the article, ”the man who last left the White House writes with a memo outlining a plan to declare martial law and overturn an election. “Mr. Lindell also does not deal with scandalous, secret matters as described in the article.”

His company agreed to pay fines of $ 2 million in 2016 for misleading advertisements, but that was hardly secret, so … fair enough.

Lindell further claims to have been harmed by the suggestion to have bought champagne and expensive spirits for Krakowski. He said, “He founded the Lindell Recovery Network, a platform that helps addicts connect with Christian recovery organizations. As a recovering alcoholic, Mr. Lindell would never buy alcohol or champagne or put off any other alcohol, and the defendants’ testimony that he did so is most harmful and offensive to him. “

Oddly enough, Lindell insists that The Daily Mail is known as “generally unreliable,” which points to Wikipedia’s prohibition on using it as a citation source – which is closer to the claim that it was injured because so many people believed the story undermines.

In addition, despite multiple quotes from anonymous sources, the lawsuit alleges that “there is no evidence that the defendants ever attempted to contact numerous other witnesses who were able to confirm or deny the allegations in the article”.

Well, good luck my pillow dude. And don’t sue us – we believe you. We are a thousand percent sure that Jane Krakowski would never get involved with you in a million years.

Lindell v Mail Media, Inc. (1: 21-cv-00667) [Docket via Court Listener]EXCLUSIVE: Trump-loving MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell had a secret romance with 30-rock actress Jane Krakowski, wooing her with flowers and champagne in a relationship that unsettled her friends [Daily Mail]

Elizabeth Dye lives in Baltimore, where she writes on law and politics.

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