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MyPillow Guy Accuses ‘Bots and Trolls’ After Biglaw Partner Is Fired For Signing Up For His RICO Suit

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Cheese it guys! The pillow man is towards us!

He knows we’re all just bots and trolls pointing to his RICO lawsuit against Dominion Voting Systems and laughing because someone paid us to do it. Certainly Lindell has filed a complaint in Minnesota alleging that Dominion is a government actor who violated his civil rights by suing him for defamation in DC. But we’re all just pretending to be shocked that Alec Beck, a (former) partner of the once-respected law firm Barnes & Thornburg, put his name on this POS lawsuit. You know for the money!

Mike Lindell complained yesterday that the attorney he hired to fire the counterclaim against Dominion was fired from his firm because “bots and trolls” attacked the firm. Then he says he hired a team of people to track down the “bots and trolls” and go after them.

– Ron Filipkowski (@RonFilipkowski) June 10, 2021

“I want everyone to know about the abandonment culture,” he called to Steve Bannon, the podcaster Lindell visits weekly. “The law firm we hired here in Minneapolis. They were hired – you have to get a local company – that was hired, so we hired them. “

So far, so convincing.

“Well, they were attacked by bots and trolls and emails and everything after this was filed last Thursday,” he continued. “On Friday morning they fired the lawyer who signed it.”

Wow, those bot emailers work fast! They almost led us to believe that this was an organic expression of horror mixed with uncontrollable giggles that someone who had practiced law long enough to know better would ask a Minnesota federal court to rule that one in DC filed suit represents defamatory RICO.

But Lindell wasn’t finished fluffing his pillows.

“They fired him and said, ‘We didn’t know about this,’ Lindell snorted. “Well, what did I give you the check for? You know, I mean, that’s crazy. “

That is an interesting question indeed. How the heck did that happen? B&T announced Beck’s departure and informed The American Lawyer that the complaint was filed “without firm approval under the company’s internal approval process.” ATL’s Joe Patrice suggests this is a by-product of an industry-wide “eat what you kill” culture that encourages partners to put their own short-term financial gain above the company’s long-term reputation.

But the Pillow Fellow doesn’t benefit from it. This is a hired saboteur case, and he’s going to get to the bottom of it.

They were so afraid of attacks from these bots and trolls. So you know what i’m doing? I just spent another – it’s a lot of money, I won’t say how much – on an entirely different team of investigators trying to find out who hired those bots and trolls. I’ll get to the bottom of it all. These people who hire these attack groups – I mean, they’re right after the law firm. These guys didn’t do anything! We only used them to sign the thing. I mean, we’ve had the other lawyers for three months.

No doubt B&T appreciates Lindell telling the world that the company is in the business of exchanging signatures for cash.

Speaking of cash, we actually get paid for making fun of legal documents. But honestly, we would have laughed for nothing at this one. What else can you do when faced with something so obviously ridiculous?

Ah great. Mike Lindell knows where to find us.

Elizabeth Dye lives in Baltimore, where she writes on law and politics.

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