Nasilasila’s attorney mentioned to repair the home – FBC Information

The attorney for former Fiji 7 player Amenoni Nasilasila was advised by the prosecutor to put his house in order.

Nasilasila, who has appealed against his rape, is represented by Lautoka lawyer Mosese Naivalu.

Naivalu today requested the resubmission of its affidavits and their correct numbering, as this had not been done in the previously submitted documents.

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He also asked for time to translate the Nasilasila and Facebook messages of the victim from iTaukei into English.

In a previous court session, Naivalu alleged that Nasilasila’s former defense team had failed to submit some documents containing Facebook messages between his client and the victim.

Prosecutors argued today that Naivalu had made grave allegations against former defense lawyers and that his own house was still out of order as he wasted two months and the trial must now be repeated.

The appellate judge also said that the legal counsel must be given the opportunity to respond to the new documents.

Naivalu was tasked with submitting six copies of the new document including the translation of the Facebook messages.

Nasilasila was convicted of raping a 24-year-old woman in Sigatoka and sentenced to eight years in prison by Lautoka High Court last year.

The matter will now be called on December 29th.

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