New Trump impeachment attorney has NEPA connections | Information | – Wilkes-Barre Residents Voice

One of former President Donald Trump’s new impeachment attorneys has worked for Northeast Pennsylvanians.

Trump on Sunday announced the hiring of former Montgomery District Attorney Bruce Castor as one of two new attorneys on his legal team after previous attorneys quit.

In 2016, Castor, 59, of Abington Twp., Was working in two positions for then-attorney general Kathleen Kane, who hails from Scranton for revenge on a former assistant attorney general.

Kane named Castor as the newly created attorney general in March 2016, then named him first assistant attorney general in July and merged the two jobs.

A jury convicted Kane after a trial in August 2016. She resigned on August 16, and Castor served as acting attorney general for about two weeks. Governor Tom Wolf quickly appointed Bruce Beemer, a native of the Clarks Summit, who the Senate approved on Aug. 30 to replace Kane.

About two months later, voters chose Josh Shapiro as the new attorney general.

In 2018, Castor represented William Urbanski, Susquehanna County’s first assistant district attorney, when he tried to replace District Attorney Robert Klein after Klein’s death. Castor argued that state law automatically promoted Urbanski because he was Klein’s first assistant. State appeals courts disagreed. District Judge Jason Legg appointed Marion O’Malley as a prosecutor.

Former attorney general Ernie Preate Jr., who has known Castor for 40 years, said Trump hired a damn good attorney to personally prosecute murder cases rather than leave them to assistant prosecutors.

“His lawyer skills are extremely good,” said Preate. “He’s going to argue with the Senate Democrats about it. He’s not going to be a pushover. Bruce isn’t intimidated and isn’t afraid to speak his mind. He’ll speak with competence and confidence.”

Trump’s impeachment trial against the Senate on charges he instigated over the unrest in the Capitol is due to begin February 8.

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