Niagara Falls Lawyer Accused of Sexually Assaulting three Victims –

Nicholas D. D’Angelo, 27, has been charged with alleged sexual abuse of three women.

BUFFALO, NY – A Niagara Falls attorney is accused of sexually assaulting three victims.

Nicholas D. D’Angelo, 27, is charged with:

A number of first-degree rape, a class “B” crime, two cases of criminal sexual act of the first degree, class “B” crime. A number of sexual abuse in the first degree, a class “D” crime in the third degree, a class “E” crime, two rape counts in the third degree, class “E” crimes, a illegitimate detention count in the second degree, a misdemeanor class “A”, three counts of tutelage of a person for third degree prostitution, class “A” offenses

He was tried in the Erie County Court after being indicted by a Niagara County grand jury. The Erie District Prosecutor was appointed Special Prosecutor after the Niagara District Prosecutor withdrew.

Investigators say D’Angelo met victim 1 through an online dating website in the fall of 2016 and picked her up on her date at his home. It is said that D’Angelo stopped at an undisclosed location in the city of Niagara Falls and held the victim back by locking the door and then forcibly engaging in sexual intercourse and behavior with the victim in his vehicle.

The second incident allegedly occurred on October 26, 2018. D’Angelo is alleged to have been allegedly sexually assaulted by force of a second woman at his Lockport City law firm, according to officials.

D’Angelo is also accused of patronizing a third female victim for prostitution. D’Angelo is believed to have engaged in sexual conduct and intercourse with the victim three times between August 28, 2019 and October 7, 2019 at a location in North Tonawanda and his law firm in the city of Niagara Falls. The victim was less than 17 years old at the time.

D’Angelo is expected to return to court on December 8th at 11:30 a.m. If convicted, D’Angelo could face a maximum of 35 years in prison.

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