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No bail for attorney arrested within the Capitol Rise up, because the choose says, “He in all probability considers me scum worthy of a headshot. So, no, I am not going to launch it. ‘

McCall Calhoun (Image via Twitter)

Today, William McCall Calhoun, the Georgia attorney, reportedly said he was one of the first to “kick in Nancy Pelosi’s office door” and that Pelosi would have been “torn to bits” if the mob had her during the Capitol siege would have found bail hearing. He was arrested on January 15 and charged with entering a restricted building or compound. forced entry or disorderly behavior; and manipulating a witness, victim, or informant for their role in the January 6 uprising. It looks like Calhoun will be kept behind bars when US Judge Charles Weigle denied his bail request.

Judge Weigle heard arguments from defense attorney Timothy Saviello that Calhoun was “a thoroughly Georgian person” with strong community connections who “did not have the means to flee and finance a lifestyle”. Saviello also argued that, as a lawyer, Calhoun is “the rare defendant who understands what it means to go to court when you have to go to court”.

The judge was also introduced to Calhoun’s social media presence on Twitter, Facebook and Parler, which reportedly reveals violent impulses:

Calhoun also repeatedly expressed his desire for “violent retaliation against the media and Democrats”, telling a Black Lives Matter supporter on Twitter that they “won’t laugh when patriots go door to door and you do commies”.

One such post, apparently assuming white knight status in honor of Tiffany Trump, promised Calhoun “headshots” to certain media representatives who appeared to be making fun of her.

“God is on Trump’s side,” wrote the experienced lawyer in a separate post. “God is not on the side of the Democrats. And when patriots have to kill 60 million of these communists, it’s God’s will. “

“Think about ethnic cleansing, but it’s anti-communist cleansing,” he added.

“We have to be serious about stopping them at gunpoint,” said Calhoun in another post cited by the government. “I’m a lawyer who says these things.”

But the judge ultimately ruled that Calhoun posed too great a risk to the community, saying, “He has been corrupted or seduced by a dangerous and violent ideology that is putting the United States in a state of civil war that any Democrat will consider worthy of execution that every member of the government regards as part of a deep state. “

The judge continued (as documented by Law & Crime’s Colin Kalmbacher) and clearly opposed the release:

“When you and your friends went in there and tore the place to pieces, killed five people, including a police officer, you showed that nothing would hold you back except violence …”

“And if you don’t respect the Capitol Police, if you don’t respect the United States’ Capitol Building, there is no reason to believe that you will respect everything I tell you.” The judge says he feared for the life of a probation officer sent to review Calhoun …

The judge summarized: “Because of the corrupt and dangerous ideology that has poisoned this man’s mind, I would not trust him to do anything I told him to do. He probably thinks I’m a scum who deserves a headshot. So, no, I’m not going to release it. “

Calhoun faces over 20 years in prison for the charges.

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