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Perhaps Texas is not the heavenly Galt’s Gulch Elon Musk thought it could be

Like some of his libertarian Silicon Valley technoligarchs, Elon Musk recently fled California’s nanny state and its socialist insistence on the primacy of public health (and taxation on people like him too) for the haven of free corporation in Texas. So how’s it going for him?

Many power grids are not prepared for these extreme conditions, which leaves them exposed to widespread failure.

This was the case in Texas, where millions of people suffered power outages. The networks in the Midwest and Southwest were also tight. Dozens of people died in the storm or its aftermath.

Unfortunately, Musk doesn’t seem to be convinced by the argument that Texans like him should suffer without electricity, heat, and water – and possibly his greatest concern, the ability to build cars – in the name of freedom.

Hey, there’s always Vegas, we guess. Fortunately, he has another option, at least for a day or so.

In 2019, Tesla released a vehicle with the “Camp Mode” feature that allows owners to use the car’s climate control for more than a day without draining the battery.

“We had a 6 hour blackout last night. Our house is out of gas and we are out of firewood. . . What we gonna do? “Wrote a Reddit user on the r / TeslaMotors forum.

“So my wife, my dog ​​and my newborn daughter slept in our Model3 in the garage, everything was nice and comfortable. If I hadn’t had this car, it would have been a very rough night, ”added the user.

One Twitter user wrote: “I slept in the Tesla LOL. Pretty comfortable. More importantly, warm. “

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