Police are investigating attorney M. Ravi for felony defamation – The Straits Instances

SINGAPORE – Police have confirmed that they are investigating lawyer M. Ravi for a criminal defamation offense.

In a statement on Saturday evening (November 7th), police said the investigation was related to a Facebook post by Mr Ravi on Friday.

Mr. Ravi alleged at the post that Singaporean attorney Eugene Thuraisingam told him that Minister of Justice and Home Affairs K. Shanmugam had said he had “influence over the Chief Justice” and “called the shot and controlled Sundaresh Menon.”

Mr. Menon is Singapore’s Chief Justice.

On Friday, Mr. Thuraisingam wrote a letter to Mr. Shanmugam saying that “Mr. Ravi’s claims are absolutely not true.”

Mr. Thuraisingam also posted a copy of the letter online on his Facebook page, calling Mr. Ravi’s Facebook post “wrong and completely wrong”.

Police added that Mr Ravi made similar allegations in a Facebook post published on June 12, 2017, according to Mr Thuraisingam.

Mr. Thuraisingam clarified with Mr. Shanmugam on June 13, 2017 that Mr. Ravi’s allegations were false.

No police action was taken at the time.

Individuals found guilty of criminal defamation may face a fine of up to two years or a fine of both.

Earlier this year, Mr. Ravi was implicated in another case of unsupported attacks against prosecutors and a senior district judge.

In September, a disciplinary court ruled that he should be fined at least $ 10,000 for these attacks, which were contained in a media statement published by Mr. Ravi and posted online last July.

Mr. Ravi was also ordered to pay $ 3,000 in costs to the bar association prosecuting the case.

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