Raymond McKeeve: Burn all of it, stated the lawyer within the Ocado spy sequence – The Instances

An attorney who worked for a co-founder of Ocado orchestrated the destruction of messages as authorities sought evidence of corporate espionage.

The appellate court judges ruled yesterday that the lawyer advising Jonathan Faiman should stand trial for contempt of court. A legal battle ensues between Faiman, who started the Tim Steiner and Jason Gissing business in 2000, and Ocado.

Ocado has accused 51-year-old Faiman of using confidential information to found Today Development Partners (TDP) in an attempt to poach high-profile clients, including Marks & Spencer. TDP alleged that Ocado “exaggerated its allegations to justify a disproportionate attack” and countered “hundreds of millions” of pounds, alleging that Ocado’s legal action had failed its proposed deal with Waitrose.

In 2019, Ocado brought out

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