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Regardless of protests, I believe this lawyer may actually be a cat

We made it by Friday so it’s time to take stock of where we are. With an impeachment trial and major Justice Department reshuffle, it’s pretty clear which quotes Lords have legal news over a week faster.

I’m live here, I’m not a cat.

It looks like the phenomenon of lawyers who are definitely not cats has spread to Florida. A quick review of attorney profiles at Losey PLLC revealed a new attorney for the firm.

OK, I’m curious. I hope this is not an instinct to get you into trouble …

IM is a cat is a human doing human work advising human businesses and human investors on early stage, venture capital, private equity and M&A (meow and agitation) transactions. He also acts as a daily corporate advisor on a variety of governance and other matters and has worked with many companies in the United States and in a variety of industries, with an emphasis on fisheries, aquaculture, and controlled substances (commonly known as “Cat’s Slit”).

It sounds legitimate. Are there word games? Bet there are word games:

He graduated summa purr laude from the University of Nowhere’s Kitten College of Law and was the editor of the Paw Review. He received awards for his seminal work Tort Consequences of Clawing and Scratching, 60 Kit. P. Rev. 1184 (2008).

Kind. Check out their full profile for more information, including IM’s favorite soccer teams. You will never guess.

Good thing Losey PLLC has a sense of humor and takes some time to make a kitten.

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