Remaining outcomes present a slender Waiter victory to be counted within the District Lawyer’s 18th race – Elbert County Information

The race for the leadership of the 18th judicial district will be automatically recounted based on the final results released by the Colorado Secretary of State on the evening of November 13th.

In the final balance, Republican John Kellner is in the running for the next prosecutor’s office with 50.1% of the vote and Democrat Amy Padden with 49.9%. The margin of 1,418 votes is within the 0.5% threshold required for an automatic recount.

Neither waiter nor Padden could immediately be reached for comment on November 13th.

Padden had a narrow lead on election night, but as the counting continued over the following days, Kellner came out with a slight advantage on November 5th.

November 13th was the deadline for all votes in the county. The State Secretary has until November 30th to compile ballot papers and the corresponding recounts in accordance with his 2020 election calendar.

The 18th judicial district includes the Arapahoe, Douglas, Elbert and Lincoln counties and is Colorado’s most populous district. The 2020 winner will replace temporary Republican George Brauchler and take office in January.

At the county level, Kellner held strong leadership positions in three counties in the district: Douglas, Elbert, and Lincoln. Meanwhile, Padden in Arapahoe County received a high percentage of the vote.

Greenwood Village waiter is currently the District Attorney for the 18th District Court. Kellner specializes in cold cases and murders, and helped establish the district’s cold cases division. Kellner also served as a prosecutor in the Marine Corps.

Aurora’s Padden has been a lawyer for nearly 26 years. Padden started out in a private practice and later served as a prosecutor with the Colorado Attorney General and the US Attorney General. Padden currently operates in the 11th Judicial District, which includes the Chaffee, Custer, Freemont, and Custer districts.

The winner of this election will be the final District Attorney to head the 18th Judicial District as it operates today after lawmakers passed a bill this year to split the fast-growing district into two parts after that District Attorney’s tenure.

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