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Rudy Giuliani’s Defense: Stop treating my clients like “the head of a drug cartel or a terrorist”.

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Unfortunately for Giuliani, and even more unfortunate for the attorney and client privilege and privilege of executive advice, and the public perception that those privileges are real, the SDNY simply chose to treat a respected attorney as if he were the head of one Drug cartel or a terrorist to get maximum adverse coverage of both Giuliani and his best known client – the former President of the United States.

– Robert Costello, an attorney for Rudy Giuliani, complains in a recently unsealed letter about his client’s treatment of the FBI’s late April raid on the former New York mayor’s home. Not only does Costello claim that seized materials are subject to legal and client law, but that they cannot be reviewed until he receives more information about the seizure of content from Giuliani’s iCloud account. The prosecution has asked Judge Paul Oetken to appoint a special master to analyze Giuliani’s materials for legal privilege.

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