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Scenic route: the highways of the legislation within the metropolis heart

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When you think of country lanes, you likely imagine a narrow path winding through a quaint town where everyone knows everyone. This is perfect for our first comparison. When it comes to law, people don’t really think too much about marketing.

That’s the conventional thought, but Mel Scott wouldn’t entirely agree. I asked her about her thoughts on personal branding for lawyers. She provided fascinating insights into how and why lawyers should have personal branding as it provides networking opportunities, builds an online presence, and ultimately brings in more clients – especially if you are opening a private practice. Everyone has a good reputation. So why not monetize your reputation?

Next, we have something that I really enjoy talking about. In a conversation with Rachita Maker we discussed what a Legal Operations Manager is. It is a form of in-house attorney perfectly suited to be the right woman (or man) of a GC. They act as a strong bridge between the business and the legal side of things as a big part of their job is learning the business jargon, discovering new technology, and implementing change management.

The legal department doesn’t generate any revenue, so this type of role really streamlines the functions of the department. You should be qualified or qualified in the areas of project management, collaboration, negotiation, business excellence and process optimization. But as Rachita and I discussed, Legal Ops is a bit like swimming: you can learn the whole theory, but you can’t really deal with it until you’re thrown into the depths.

Our last stop on this country road trip is the compliance office. Compliance is an area that is well integrated into law, but has a slightly different focus for internal companies. While internal and general advisors walk a tightrope of balancing business and law, compliance juggles law, business, culture and ethics (with ethics at the center). They frame regulatory compliance in a wheel of processes, guidelines, disciplines, reviews, and so on. They put the legal aspect into a business framework, making it more palatable for executives to understand, support and implement. Phil Strauss breaks it down well in this interview:

I ask you to take the time to at least explore the highways of the law downtown. Find out about all the possible routes before hitting the traditional, simpler freeway. You never know where you might land or what you will see along the way.

Olga V. Mack is the CEO of Parley Pro, a next generation contract management company that pioneered online negotiation technology. Embracing legal innovation, Olga has dedicated her career to improving and shaping the future of law. She believes that with the adoption of technology, the legal profession will emerge stronger, more resilient and more inclusive than before. Olga is also an award-winning general counsel, operations professional, startup consultant, speaker, associate professor, and entrepreneur. She founded the Women serve on board Movement promoting women’s participation on corporate boards of Fortune 500 companies. she wrote Get on board: Earn your ticket for a seat on the corporate board and Fundamentals of intelligent contract security. You can follow Olga on Twitter @olgavmack.

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