Sentinel Restaurant and Hospitality Group Hires Acclaimed Attorney Edward Susolik to Serve $ 20,000,000 in PPP Fraud Claim – PRNewswire

LAGUNA BEACH, CALIFORNIA., June 9, 2021 / PRNewswire / – One of the dark shadows emerging from the pandemic has been PPP scams, particularly false claims made by wealthy individuals and / or businesses that thrived during the shutdown. Sentinel has retained its reputation Orange County Lawyer Edward Susolikwho has handled many high profile cases over the years and whose law firm received the largest jury verdict in Orange County History to fight their battle in this case.

“Perhaps the most egregious example happened right here in Orange County, and it affects local restaurant operators, chefs and restaurant employees who cannot avoid the legal ramifications of this fraud, “said Susolik, who was named one of the top 100 lawyers in Southern California from 2009 to 2021 every year by Super Lawyer. Susolik continued, “Many of the restaurant’s investors have been harmed, but the perpetrators and defendants in the lawsuit have refused to cooperate with their victims, including a refusal to release relevant documents after almost a year has passed.” Susolik added, “We are trying to uncover this problem while also helping local restaurants get back on their feet.”

The lawsuit alleges Amy Hsiao and Lihue (kitten) Lo from Newport, California were investors in the Sentinel Restaurant Group-Hendrix Restaurant Group. Among other things, they faked a loan application with the SBA by using Sentinel’s good name and reputation to get more $ 150,000 keep to yourself with PPP loans. They refused to collaborate, and so Sentinel was forced to hire a prominent New York business criminal attorney to sort things out. The matter leads the restaurant group to pound damages after an already challenging year of investigation.

* Case 30-2020-01176078-CU-FR-CJC has been brought in the Orange County Superior Court.

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