Shamed Lawyer Who Helped Scammers Get Folks From Their Houses Is Knocked Off – Each day Document

A shameful lawyer who helped a fraudster run a £ 1.6 million program that evicted vulnerable people from their homes has been knocked off.

60-year-old John Craxton was hired by 55-year-old Edwin McLaren, who went on targeting households in need of money and made them unwittingly sign ownership of their homes.

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Craxton bought and sold homes for McLaren and helped build a real estate portfolio.

McLaren would buy a share of a house in exchange for giving the homeowner a cash boost.

But he got people to sign papers, which resulted in them no longer owning their properties.

Then houses were sold and McLaren pocketed the proceeds, with the victims receiving little, if any, of the promised money.

Craxton has been granted immunity from prosecution for testifying in a lawsuit against McLaren and his wife, Lorraine.

Edwin McLaren was found guilty of 29 charges and was jailed for eleven and a half years in May 2017.

Craxton of Dumbarton had removed himself from the list of attorneys, but the case was brought before the Scottish Solicitors’ Discipline Tribunal. It ruled that he should never return to the job and called his actions “serious and reprehensible”.

Craxton did not participate in any lawsuit against him, but wrote a letter in which he accepted his professional misconduct.

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