St. John's County Lady recordsdata a false loss of life lawsuit after brother dies

Secoriea Turner's family is suing the city of Atlanta for negligence after the child was shot dead by protesters on July 4th.

The parents of Secoriea Turner, the 8-year-old girl who was shot dead on July 4th in Atlanta by "armed protesters near Wendy, where Rayshard Brooks was killed three weeks earlier", plan to sue the city of Atlanta. The announcement was made earlier this week by lawyers representing the family in an ante litem, also known as an intent to sue.

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In the complaint, the family's lawyers found that the city of Atlanta committed many mistakes that resulted in the child's death. For example, the family claims the city was "negligent in its duties in not removing armed protesters who took over the Wendy where Rayshard Brooks was shot". The notice names Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, interim Atlanta police chief Rodney Bryant, and Atlanta city council member Joyce Sheperd as defendants.

When commenting on the matter, Mawuli Davis, one of the family's lawyers, said:

"The councilor met with members out there, spoke to them, came back to the mayor and specifically said she needed more time to try to negotiate with them."

Once the complaint is formally filed, the family will seek $ 12 million in damages and an additional $ 4 million for property damage "and injuries to Turner's mother and boyfriend." The ante litem further states:

“Mayor Bottoms and other city leaders were aware that there had been multiple shootings and assaults in the University Avenue area, and that armed people occupying the makeshift barricade were responsible for most of the violence… Mayor Bottoms and city officials have Turning a blind eye and allowing lawlessness, vigilance and violence to surround the Wendy's at 125 University Ave. undermine and disrupt. Instead, city officials failed to protect their community and it was their apparent disregard for the safety and well-being of the city's residents that resulted in Secoriea's death, which was predictable and preventable. "

For those who don't know, Turner was shot dead by armed demonstrators "after her mother and her mother's friend ran up to a barricade in the middle of the street near the Wendy where Brooks was killed." Davis said, "I know your mother is at her grave site almost every day … It was very, very difficult for her."

Since the shooting 19 year old Julian Conley was arrested as a guilty party and is now facing criminal murder charges. As part of the Ante Litem, the city guides have 30 days to resolve the case before the family can “move forward with their suit”.


Secoriea Turner's family is suing the city of Atlanta for $ 16 million

Secoriea Turner's family is suing the city of Atlanta for $ 16 million

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