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Stats of the Week: Early Mansfield Rule Adopters are seeing progress

Law firms that passed the Mansfield Rule in 2017 as part of Diversity Lab’s first certification process have diversified their top positions far faster than their counterparts without Mansfield, according to data released this week.

The Mansfield Rule requires companies to certify that they considered pools of candidates that were at least 30% different for multiple senior positions, including seats on the Administrative Committee.

Now, according to the Diversity LabThe companies, which were first certified in 2017, have increased the racial and ethnic diversity of their management committees by 30 times that of non-Mansfield companies.

The pilot program in 2017 comprised 41 companies; Almost 120 are now taking part.

Mansfield’s early adopters rule shows significant growth in diversity – and outperforms the legal industry – in critical leadership roles [Diversity Lab]

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