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Suspect Madeleine McCann's attorney calls for concrete evidence KYR News

An attorney for the person suspected of kidnapping British toddler Madeleine McCann is calling on prosecutors to either produce concrete evidence or dismiss the case – and police privately admit they are in dire need of a breakthrough in the 13-year-old case want.

Friedrich Fulscher needs German investigators to “present his playing cards” to his consumer, 43-year-old Christian Bruckner, a convicted pedophile and rapist who is now in his home country Germany.

In the McCann case, no formal charges were made for Bruckner, despite cell phone information positioning him in southern Portugal when three-year-old Madeleine disappeared with her mother and father during her trip in May 2007.

"It's no secret that the Portuguese have a clear idea of ​​what happened to the German BKA (Federal Police)," Fulscher told The Sun. “The German public prosecutor's office could end this concept after they last put their playing cards on the desk. This may be true for the suspect and for the mother and father – each side can decide for itself how robustly it will consider the evidence. "

The German authorities have said they are sure Bruckner is concerned. Now, however, they privately admit that the investigation is in a "make or break" stage, sources told The Solar.

"German detectives are involved in the fact that a large part of the dynamic that they had within the days and weeks after Christian Bruckner was first named is now out of place," explained an offer close to the investigation.

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