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Ted Cruz as soon as insisted that internet neutrality was the federal government's takeover of the Web; Now calls for that Twitter host all nonsense

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I think Senator Ted Cruz got jealous of Senator Josh Hawley for monopolizing the "I'm a Constitutional Attorney Who Doesn't Understand First Change Regarding Internet Content Moderation" section. He has announced that he will issue a subpoena to get Jack Dorsey to justify what he is mistakenly calling "electoral harm".

Sen. @tedcruz: "Twitter is currently actively blocking stories from the New York Post. On Tuesday, the Justice Committee, the entire committee, will vote on subpoenas to bring @Jack Dorsey to our committee." "

– CSPAN (@cspan) October 15, 2020

Let's be clear here. Like Senator Hawley yesterday, Senator Cruz is full of shit. And like Hawley, Cruz is a constitutional attorney who knows this is bullshit. Like Hawley, Cruz has now sent silly, ridiculous letters on Twitter and Facebook.

And of course, it wasn't that long ago that I remember the same Ted Cruz who yelled about the evils of the "government takeover of the Internet". For him the idea of ​​net neutrality was "Obamacare for the Internet" and he explained:

Washington politicians want the money and they want more and more control over our speech.

That … describes Ted Cruz trying to punish a company for making editorial decisions. The same article has a few other selection quotes that can now be thrown back on it:

(W) We need to drive growth in the technology sector, a constant ray of hope for the US economy. However, we will not realize more of this dynamic growth if we do not rid the Internet of unnecessary regulations that are strangling our healthcare, energy and banking industries.

And yet he is threatening regulations here to curb the growth of the technology sector.

In 2012, those interested in the freedom of the internet were shocked when laws such as the online piracy and intellectual property laws, which were supposed to regulate internet speaking under the guise of protecting property rights, came to Washington gained popularity. Fortunately, online activists quickly mobilized to protect their freedom of speech. But we have to stay vigilant. Intellectual property must be defended, but any threat to suppress language on the Internet must be taken seriously and then defeated.

The same activists who were “shocked” by SOPA and PIPA point out that Ted Cruz's attacks on Section 230 pose an even greater threat to internet speech suppression and require serious treatment and defeat. It's just that Ted Cruz is the one standing up for this censorship effort right now.

And for anyone trying to defend Ted Cruz, here is a fundamental question: How would you answer if a Democratic Senator stood up and said he or she was summoning the CEOs of Fox News or Breitbart to “dispel their bias “To discuss when reporting The choice? People would toss absolute and total shit about how unconstitutional this is. Yet here we have a Republican senator threatening a company for his own editorial choices. Ted Cruz's outstanding position on this issue is itself a violation of the 1st amendment. It is an attempt to penalize a private company for its own editorial discretion. And no one should let a great Cruz get away with this nonsense.

Ted Cruz once insisted that net neutrality was the government's takeover of the Internet; Now demands that Twitter host all nonsense

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