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The Brooklyn decide’s son was arrested after giving an interview with Capitol Siege

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Last week we reported that one of the participants in the storming of the Capitol Building was Aaron Mostofsky, son of New York Supreme Court Justice Shlomo Mostofsky. Of course, the investigation wasn’t too difficult – he gave the New York Post an interview from the Capitol building where he identified himself as “Aaron from Brooklyn.” (And his fur regalia gave him a distinctive look that made him an easy target for satire.)

Mostofsky was arrested this morning. According to the Law & Crime indictment, charges include unlawful entry and disorderly behavior, as well as criminal theft of government property. In this infamous video, Mostofsky was seen carrying around a police riot sign and bulletproof vest that he allegedly found.

There’s a video of his arrest in the Midwood area of ​​Brooklyn – he was reportedly found at his brother’s house – and it appears that the FBI has confiscated parts of the ensemble Mostofsky wore during the riot.

BREAKING: Aaron Mostofsky, the son of a New York Supreme Court judge, was arrested Tuesday morning in Midwood Brooklyn for alleged involvement in the Capitol riot.

– NYC Scanner (@NYScanner) January 12, 2021

Mostofsky is expected to appear in federal court in Brooklyn later that afternoon.

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