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The Delaware choose quotes Lin Woods “Poisonous Stew Of Lying” and throws him off Carter Web page Swimsuit

“I admit that in a small state I preside over a small portion of the legal world,” wrote Judge Craig A. Karsnitz of the Superior Court of Delaware. “However, we are proud of our bar.”

In a statement revoking defamation attorney Lin Wood’s pro-hac vice-license, Judge Karnitz described the attorney’s involvement in litigation to undo Joe Biden’s election victory as “a poisonous stew of mendacity, domination, and surprising incompetence” .

This is yet another achievement unlocked for the vaunted defamation attorney who managed to boot from Twitter and then get censored by the avowed anti-censorship platform Parler (RIP) for a “parley” calling for that Vice President Pence will be executed by a firing squad for treason.

In August, the court accepted Wood’s motion to appear at PHV on behalf of angry litigator Carter Page in a defamation case against the parent company of Yahoo! News. Since then, Wood’s behavior has become increasingly unpredictable. He recently tweeted child rape allegations about Chief Justice Roberts and, according to his former partners, suffers from the illusion that he may have been born again to Jesus.

“I could actually be Christ coming back a second time in the form of an imperfect man and raising Christ’s consciousness,” he speculated, according to a complaint from his previous partners.

But Wood isn’t kicked out of the Page case because “I represent Moses. I represent Ananias the believer. I am like the power of King David. “Or if so, then these biblical characters really need to improve their civil process.

In fact, he is fired from the Blue Hen Coop because the legal profession in the so-called “Kraken” cases is scandalously bad. Quoting the “erroneous expert affidavit” in the Georgia lawsuit, Judge Karsnitz noted that “an attorney as experienced as Mr. Wood knows that expert affidavits must be scrutinized to ensure accuracy before filing. Otherwise, it is either lying or incompetent. “

Regarding Wood’s defense that it was merely a “proofreading error”, the judge scoffed: “Failure to certify an injunction or to serve the accused is not a” proofreading error. ” A law school civil litigation class would not survive the complaint. “

“Before the pandemic, I observed the daily legal profession in front of me in a civil, ethical way in order to tirelessly advance the interests of their clients,” concluded Judge Karsnitz. “You would be dishonored if I let this pro-hac-vice order stand.”

And in another bizarre news cycle for Wood, the Wall Street Journal reports today that the attorney had an argument with former client Steve Wynn, a casino magnate, about another former client, Richard Jewell.

Jewell, falsely accused of being the Olympic Park bomber in 1996, has been dead since 2007. Still, Wood, who attributes the life change to Jewell, is fixated on receiving a posthumous medal of freedom for Jewell from President Trump. Wood claims that those efforts were torpedoed when Wynn described him as insane in an interview with the President and is now threatening to sue for defamation.

But wait, there’s more!

Mr. Wood has accused his former client of demeaning him to Mr. Trump and tainting the medal for Mr. Jewell. He said he asked Mr. Wynn millions of dollars for reputational damage with the president and suggested that the secret settlements he negotiated for Mr. Wynn could become public if the parties couldn’t agree.

In an interview, Mr Wood said he warned Mr Wynn’s lawyers that the legal work he did for Mr Wynn was fair game in a defamation lawsuit.

“I would say anything to defend myself,” said Mr. Wood of his message to Mr. Wynn, adding that it was not “nice”.

Threatening to divulge sensitive customer information while wearing a defamation suit is … a step.

Are we 100 percent sure that it isn’t 2020? Perhaps we can get Judge Karsnitz to revoke Lin Wood’s inclusion in the news cycle in 2021. Hurry, someone admitted in Delaware is drafting an application!

Steve Wynn and attorney Lin Wood, United Over Trump, break ties in messy spats [WSJ]

Elizabeth Dye lives in Baltimore, where she writes on law and politics.

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