The man chased high-profile lawyer Messina Madson in 2018, judges the jury – The Dallas Morning News

Neil Noble sent Madson more than 50 emails and appeared uninvited at her work and home.

A man was convicted of prosecuting high-profile attorney Messina Madson in Dallas County’s first in-person trial since the online COVID-19 trial this week.

The jury found Neil Noble, 53, guilty on Monday in the No. 4 Criminal Court. The lawyers agreed to give Noble a four-year suspended sentence. The terms of his probation require that Noble be screened for substance abuse, mental illness and receive prescribed treatment.

The judges saw more than 50 emails Noble sent Madson over a three-week period in 2018.

Madson is a former Dallas County attorney who ran the office in 2015 when former district attorney Susan Hawk was out of the office due to health concerns. Madson is now in private practice.

During the three-day trial, she testified that she received a birthday card that Noble sent to her office in North Dallas.

Madson said she didn’t know the sender and asked the staff if they were familiar with Noble. It was then that she became aware of the emails Noble sent through her company’s website, she said.

Noble visited her office a few days before her birthday and announced he was there to take Madson for a festive lunch. Madson wasn’t there and asked to leave.

Noble showed up at her Dallas County home on November 4, 2018, and Madson’s husband called the police.

Noble didn’t think he’d crossed a line, he told officials in a taped interview played for jury members. Noble’s attorney Alison Grinter argued he should have been convicted of molestation rather than sneaking up on.

Noble was found unable to stand twice on this case.

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