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The physician operates the affected person in the course of the trial earlier than the Zoom Site visitors Courtroom

(Sacramento Superior Court via Sacramento Bee)

Thanks to the pandemic, the world is getting a whole new look at the legal system and it’s often very entertaining. Everyone has seen the viral Lawyer Cat video in which a lawyer struggled with a kitten zoom filter during a virtual hearing. The latest viral sensation features a plastic surgeon trying to stand trial in a virtual traffic court while a patient was sitting on his operating table – and the judge on the case didn’t.

Meet Dr. Scott Green, a California plastic surgeon, who appeared before Sacramento Supreme Court Commissioner Gary Link from an operating room in full peeling with a scalpel in hand. After Green telling a clerk that he was ready to go to trial, Green appears to be performing another procedure on his patient.

When Link entered the scene, he immediately expressed his dismay at what was happening. The Sacramento Bee has the details:

“If I’m not mistaken, I see a defendant in the middle of an operating room who appears to be actively involved in providing services to a patient. Is that right, Mr. Green? Or should I Dr. Say green? “Link asked about the sucking noises and the beeping sound of the medical devices.

“I am not comfortable for a patient’s welfare if you are undergoing an operation and I am going through a trial even though the officer is here today,” said the commissioner.

Green assured Link that there was nothing to worry about and that the process could continue as another surgeon was ready to operate as well. “I do not believe that. I don’t think that’s appropriate, “replied Link.

Link, whose mind seemed utterly baffled that Green was actively operating on a patient, said he would postpone the case for March 4th. “We want to keep people healthy, we want to keep them alive. It’s important, ”he said.

The Medical Board of California is currently investigating Dr. Green’s virtual scrutiny of the law, and a spokesperson stated that the board “expects physicians to adhere to standards of care in treating their patients.”

Check out the full hearing below:

The California doctor performs an operation while showing up at the video traffic court appointment [Sacramento Bee]

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