The Seattle Nursing Home Settles the $ 8M abuse case

The nursing home’s insurer is paying $ 8 million to settle claims that a disabled woman was sexually assaulted.

Seattle insurance company for Foss Home and Village has agreed to pay $ 8 million to settle a 2019 lawsuit filed on behalf of a sexually assaulted disabled woman. The lawsuit alleges that the center negligently hired a sexual predator and did not put in place a system to ensure that the plaintiff’s care was “supervised and properly supervised”.

The plaintiff, a woman in her fifties with multiple sclerosis, told her relatives about the abuse, and her brother placed a hidden camera disguised as a phone charger in her room. “The video captured the woman who was repeatedly raped by a male employee,” said King County prosecutors. 29-year-old Nshimiyiana Hamzat was charged with “rape and indecent liberties” in the year the lawsuit was filed and is awaiting trial behind bars.

“They had a male worker cleaning the genitals of disabled women,” said the plaintiff’s attorney, Darrell L. Cochran, who worked with attorney Kevin Hastings on the case. “It’s a terribly dangerous practice.”

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The Department of Social and Health Services’ adult protection department, the Seattle Police Department and Foss conducted an independent investigation that found the abuse occurred. The plaintiff’s lawsuit states: “Foss Home and Village has failed to serve vulnerable customers in an appropriate, safe and prudent manner, including failure to hire, retain and supervise employees.”

Rick Henry, CEO and President of Foss Home and Village responded, “We are broken and devastated that our resident has been sexually assaulted. Had we known, we would have contacted the police immediately to follow our established policies and procedures. As soon as we knew, the offending employee was immediately suspended and later terminated. Foss continually reviews its hiring processes and uses careful background checks that go beyond state and insurance company guidelines. “

Cochran said, “Everyone should be on guard for their older family and friends because sometimes assistant dormitories have good guidelines but really bad practices.”

The victim himself said: “I asked him:“ What are you doing with me? He said back to me, “I’m trying to help you, I’m trying to cleanse you.” It was really awful. “She has since been removed from the facility. However, her brother said that after the physical and emotional strain, she will likely never be the same.

“She asks the same questions, ‘Why is this happening to me?'” Said her brother. “I know that she will never forget the trauma that happened to her until the end of her life.”

The Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) fined Foss Home and Village $ 3,000 for “failing to ensure a resident is free from sexual abuse committed by a staff member while providing personal care Has”. In a letter to the nursing home, DSHS also noted several “problems” that Foss was experiencing. DSHS said Hamzat owns an unaffiliated adult home in Bothell and the license for the facility has been revoked.


The Washington nursing home closes a $ 8 million lawsuit after the worker allegedly repeatedly raped a woman

Lawsuit filed after hidden camera rape in Seattle nursing home

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